Field Operational Test Projects

FOT in the Tokyo Waterfront Area

1. Overview

(1) Outline

  • Currently, it is difficult to realize automated driving on general roads with complicated traffic environments, involving crisscrossing of vehicles and traversing pedestrians, based solely on the data from the sensors and other devices installed in vehicles. When merging the main lane of the expressway, traffic environments on expressways also present difficulties on continuous use of automated driving such as junctions at which is difficult to confirm the traffic situation of the main lanes in advance. Thus, this project endeavors to realize automated driving by providing information from the traffic infrastructure on the road side.
    In FOTs in the Tokyo Waterfront area(FOTs), verification of automated driving technology will be conducted utilizing the high-precision 3D map information (static data) from the “Dynamic Map” that was put into practical use in the firtst phase of SIP-adus, plus semi-dynamic data and dynamic data such as merging assistance information, traffic congestion information and traffic signal data, etc. provided by the traffic infrastructure.
    Furthermore, towards the 2020 Tokyo Olympic & Paralympic Games, events for fostering public acceptance, as well as promote Japan’s advanced technological research to the public both in Japan and other countries.

(2) Test period

  • October 2019 to March 31, 2021 (Planned)

(3) Inquiries

  • Office of FOTs in the Tokyo Waterfront Area: Tel.: +81-3-5308-0909 (Weekdays 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. JST)

(4) Participants

  • FOTs will be conducted through collaboration between the public and private sectors.
    SIP-adus led by the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan coordinates and provides the traffic infrastructure. The participants take part in the FOTs with their own automated vehicles and test drivers. Simultaneously, they collect/analyze test data and report their test results.
    As the result of calling for participants for FOTs, 29 organizations, including automobile manufacturers, suppliers, and universities in Japan and other countries take part in the FOTs. Based on this exceptionally large number of participants, unequalled even on an international scale, through conducting tests & obtaining data, and offering a forum for open debate, this program will aim to drive forward international harmonization and standardization in this same field.

2.Tokyo waterfront city area (General roads)

3.Haneda Airport Area (General roads)

4.Metropolitan expressways that connects Haneda Airport with Tokyo waterfront city area, etc. (including General roads)

5.News & Notice