2nd Phase SIP-adus
Mid-Term Results Report(2018-2020)

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1. Overview of the Second Phase of SIP- Automated Driving for Universal Services [489KB]

2. Building and Making Use of Traffic Environment Data [36,575KB]

  • ①Development of Technology Concerning the Generation of Traffic Environment Data
  • ②Development of Technology Concerning the Transmission of Traffic Environment Information

3. Ensuring the Safety of Automated Driving [130,540KB]

  • ①Field Operational Tests in Tokyo Waterfront Area
  • ②Realizing a Safe Automated Driving Society

4. A Society with Automated Driving [66,853KB]

  • ①Automated Driving Mobility Services in Regional Communities
  • ②Public Acceptance of Automated Driving

5. Data Connection and Use to Achieve Society 5.0 [16,716KB]

  • ①Promoting Data Connectivity

6. Promoting International Cooperation [18,749KB]

  • ①International Cooperation and Activities for Standardization

7. Other Achievements and Activities - Back Cover [44,595KB]