SIP-adus's Project(FY2016)

Dynamic Map

Surveys and Investigationsfor Prototyping and Evaluation Toward Construction of a Dynamic Map

Surveying and investigation toward development of a common platform for dynamic maps

Construction of thetraffic regulation information management system for realization automated drive

Investigation into the International Standardization of Dynamic Map and Overseas Trends

Survey on utilization of satellite positioning information for realization of automated driving system

Study and consideration to construct the "Dynamic Map Service Platform"

Connected Vehicle

Establishmentof technology for providing traffic signal information towards the realization of automated driving

Establishment of technology for providing vehicle/pedestriandetection information towards the realization of automated driving

Creation of an internationally open research and development environment

Development of V2V,V2I Communication Technology Toward the Automated Driving Systems

Task II Development of Vehicle-to-pedestrian Communicatio+F1n Technology

Development of Infrastructure Radar System Technology

Next-Generation Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) utilizing Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Human Factors

Human Factors and HMI Research for Automated Driving

Impact Assessment

Study on analytical methodology to estimate the effect of automated driving technology on reduced number of traffic accident fatalities in order to achieve the government target

Development and substantiation of simulation technology for estimation of traffic accident reduction detailed effects. (Strategic Innovation Promotion Program:Automated driving system)

Development of an impact assessment method for Automated Driving System on CO2emissions

Next generation Transport

Studies of sensing technologies relating to an precisiondocking control in a next-generation urban transportation system

Research on the speediness and the safety of the Advanced Rapid Transit

Research and examination with public participation concerning congestion/ traffic jam predictions aiming for world standard accessibility

Surveyand Investigation of Reducing Boarding Times in Public Transport

A research of the pedestrian support system common platform in a consideration of problems and solutions to realize automated driving systems

Investigation about actuators and control for advanced rapid transit system in investigation and consideration about issues towardsautonomous driving system.

Investigation and studies of various tasks to be solved for realization of an automated driving system and survey on the social adaptability of the system in Okinawa prefecture

Development of the next-generation public transportationsystem

Development of movement support systemfor people with mobility constraints

Development functions required for ART information center


Research and Development Project for Automobile Security for Utilization of Information Obtained by Communication such as V2X


Research and Study regarding the Promotion of InternationalCooperation Activities on an Automated Driving System

Analysis of social and industrial aspects involved in the effort to develop more advanced automated driving systems and ensure their widespread use

Development and evaluation of construction technology for driving pictures database

Field Operational Tests toward Achieving Level 3/4 and Investigation toward Commercialization