SIP-adus's Project(FY2015)

Dynamic Map

Activity Plan of Dynamic Map Study

Research for the advancement of driving support by utilizing traffic regulation information

Development of Vehicle-to-pedestrian Communication Technology

Connected Vehicle

Research for advanced Traffic Signal Prediction Systems

Research for the advancement of DSSS, Driving Safety Support Systems, which utilize ITS radio communication

Creation of an internationally open research and development environment

Development of V2V,V2I Communication Technology Toward the Automated Driving Systems

Development of Infrastructure Radar System Technology

Development and FOT of Traffic Signal Prediction Systems

Next-Generation Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) utilizing Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Human Factors

Basic Research on Requirements for Safety and Reliability of Automated Driving System

Research on Technical Requirements for Human Machine Interface (HMI) Related to Safety of Automated Driving System

Impact Assessment

Study on analytical methodology to estimate the effect of automated driving technology on reduced number of traffic accident fatalities in order to achieve the government target

Development and substantiation of simulation technology for estimation of traffic accident reduction detailed effects.

Development of Local Traffic CO2 Emission Visualization Technology

Next generation Transport

Research on automatic controllability for ART

A research for improvement of quick transportability, time reliability and safety of Advanced Rapid Transit

Agendas toward the realization of an automated driving system and study concerning a direction of their solutions: Research and examination with public participation concerning a forecast of congestion/ a traffic jam aiming for world standard accessibility

Investigation of reducing the time taken for boarding and alighting of public transportation

A research of a common platform of the pedestrian support system in the consideration of problems and solutions to realize automated driving systems

Basic design for the next generation public transportation system

Basic design on the development of movement support system for people with mobility constraints


Research and Development Project for Automobile Security for Utilization of Information obtained by Communication such as V2X


Research project for Promoting International Cooperation on Automated and Connected Driving Systems.

Development and verification of construction technology of driving video recognition database

Development and Verification of Lane Marker Detection System in All-weather Condition

Survey on basic evaluation for effective utilization of satellite positioning technology