SIP-adus Workshop 2022 Video On-Demand Streaming

is an archived stream for on-demand viewing of SIP-adus Workshop 2022 held from October 10-12.

Streaming schedule

10am, November 8, 2022 – 5pm January 27, 2023 (Japan Standard Time)

* To watch the virtual conference, the Registration No. and password given in the confirmation email at the time of registering to participate, are needed.
* If the Registration No. and password are unknown, contact the registration secretariat ( .
* Plenary speaker and Breakout Workshop participants can watch the virtual conference using ID and PW informed on the email sent from the secretariat on October 20, 2022.

Environment for watching the streaming videos using smartphones/tablets

In principle, the videos can be watched using devices.
A high-speed stable Internet connection (e.g., Wi-Fi, LTE) should be used.

Prohibitions and notes

  • A proper communication environment for watching the videos must be arranged in advance.
  • A smooth connection may not be ensured depending on the network and PC conditions of the participant.
  • We are not responsible for any problems related to watching the videos caused by the Internet connection.
    Participants must pay any communication expenses, etc. incurred to watch the videos.
  • The workshop may be interrupted due to unexpected problems with the Internet connection.

The organizer holds all rights concerning the workshop.

The following acts are prohibited.

  • Sharing the URL, Registration No., and password for the streaming website notified by email with third parties
  • Infringing the copyright, right of portrait, and other intellectual property rights of the organizer, speakers, and other participants
    (capturing and recording the images and sounds of the workshop and sharing the data through social media, etc.)
    (redistributing documents, etc. provided to participants, without the organizer’s permission)
  • Obstructing the administration of the workshop
  • Discriminating against, slandering, defaming, or intimidating the organizer, speakers, and other participants, or infringing their privacy, human rights, etc.
  • Other acts that violate, or may violate, laws and regulations
  • Other acts deemed improper or inappropriate by the organizer

Participants who are deemed to have committed any of the above prohibited acts may not be allowed to participate in future workshops, etc.

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