Dynamic Map

  • Overview

  • The dynamic map is one of the most important technologies for the realization of high level automated driving vehicle. AD system must have recognition, decision, and operation functions. Sophisticated recognition requires maps and ITS information to achieve high level self-position estimation as well as on-board sensors. Dynamic maps are maps consisting of both high-precision digital maps and ITS anticipative information. They have four layers. The bottom layer is a three-dimensional digital map which contains a high precision lane level road map with road shape and topological data. From the bottom, layer 1 is a semi-static information layer which shows scheduled phenomenon, layer 2 is a semi-dynamic information layer that shows current phenomena. The top layer consists of dynamic information that shows real-time changes from ITS anticipative information.

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  • Theme Leader

  • Satoru Nakajo, University of Tokyo
  • Collaboration

  • Steering member of OADF